Seoul E-Prix 2020
Seoul E-Prix 2020
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
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-Seoul E-prix 2020 expects the ripple effect of Hallyu

With a view to promoting Seoul E-Prix 2020, electric car race which will be held on Jamshil Stadium Seoul on May, next year, Formula E Korea Ltd. & its Operating Committee hosted a promotion reception & press conference at a downtown Hotel Seoul on July 2.

Its Operating Committee chairman Lee Hee-beom who served as chairman of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee said: "The purpose of Seoul E-Prix 2020 is to boost the awareness of electric car, adding its Committee plans to host it successfully in order to raise the image of tourism Korea and tourism Seoul simultaneouly.

Seoul E-Prix 2020 launching event
Seoul E-Prix 2020 launching event

Seoul E-Prix 2020 is expected to held during next 10 years in Korea, according to Lee who says that it is a trend of the times to go to electric car currently.

By taking advantage of the golden week in which Japan & China tourists can rush to Korea to attend it as well as to enjoy it, Lee stressed that Seoul E-prix 2020 expects the ripple effect of Hallyu because it will encompass K-pop concerts, electric car race, electric car exhibition and conferences for multinational firms CEOs.

Between Jamshil & Kwanghwamun as the host venue, Lee explained that Jamshil was selected in terms of the fact that its area don't produce traffic jams rather than Kwanghwamun and Jamshil is more appropriate for electric car race etc.

By hosting Seoul E-Prix 2020 at home, Formula E Korea Ltd. side forecasts that it will bring about its economic ripple effects over 400 billion won.

Its Operating Committe chairman Lee underscored: "It aims to present the role model of next-generation racing which contributes to the development of related auto industry at home as well", adding it will become the future-oriented E-Prix which shows environment-friendly auto technology.

Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul

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