Korean user, inherit GSTAR (GOX)
Korean user, inherit GSTAR (GOX)
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GSTAR Model Marlisa
GSTAR Model Marlisa

GSTAR (GOX) is a mobile-based Blockchain. From business to platform, everything is mobile. Every year, global smartphone sales exceed 1 billion units. The mobile market is huge. Almost everyone in the world has mobile. Therefore, GSTAR(GOX) has focused on mobile business models based on Blockchain. Mining games that offer beta services in June will also be available on mobile. GSTAR(GOX) has already secured tens of thousands of users, and GSTAR(GOX) plans to secure up to 100,000 users through the beta service of the mining game in June. Unfortunately, the angel of Korea who invested in GSTAR(GOX) was suddenly dead a few days ago. He told his family about GSTAR(GOX) and inherited it. GSTAR(GOX) is steadily preparing global services, while most block-chain companies are failing to serve properly. GSTAR(GOX) will be launching Beta service of Game in June and contribute to the Blockchain ecosystem, and more people will know about GSTAR(GOX). GSTAR(GOX) is trying to build a mobile ecosystem based on Blockchain. More information about GSTAR(GOX) can be found on the Internet at www.gstarcoin.info.

GSTAR(GOX) Promotion Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSL6G6CEszA

We hope you will experience GSTAR(GOX) games based on Blockchain, which is available in multiple languages this summer. Beta service is free, and it is a 45 second simple game that anyone can play. This game will allow the public to understand Blockchain better.

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