EDISOFT delivers unified software solution “RTEMS by EDISOFT” for the leading
EDISOFT delivers unified software solution “RTEMS by EDISOFT” for the leading
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Defence Korean Company “LIG Nex1” to be used in KOMPSAT-6 Satellite

EDISOFT has been selected as provider of a unified software solution for the leading defence company LIG Nex1, in Korea. This represents the leverage of EDISOFT´s unique knowledge on the aerospace industry.
EDISOFT has been developing RTEMS by EDISOFT since 2006 for several leading aerospace projects, including the Meteosat Third Generation (MTG), Galileo, Plato and SmallGEO geostationary satellite platform. The stringent and highly complex project requirements included the delivery and qualification of an updated, qualified version of RTEMS by EDISOFT.
This updated version will be delivered to LIG Nex1 and will be used in KOMPSAT 6 satellite project. 

The Real Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems (RTEMS) is a free open source Real Time Operating System (RTOS) designed for deeply embedded systems aimed to be used in space flights, medical devices, and many more embedded systems across a wide range of the most advanced critical processor architectures.

EDISOFT qualified RTEMS successfully
By developing and qualifying RTEMS, EDISOFT supports its customers in the streamline process towards its qualification for future space missions. This project has developed the required material to be used, with minimum updates, in the qualification process of space missions
Each space mission has its particular configuration, both in terms of software and hardware. Using the outputs produced in the RTEMS Improvement project, it shall be possible for the Space Community to easily qualify tailored versions of RTEMS. 

RTEMS by EDISOFT has been adopted by several key European missions, including, Galileo – FOC; SmallGEO; MTG; Solar Orbiter; Sentinel-2; IXV – Int. eXperimental Vehicle; EarthCare; EUCLID; BB4A; PROBA3; ESail, Plato, and others.

RTEMS by EDISOFT is also in use outside ESA domain, as per example, in the GOKTURK3 mission by the Turkish Aerospace Industries.

About LIG Nex1 Defence Korean Company 
LIG Nex1 is the leading defence company in Korea.
Since its establishment in 1976 as Goldstar Precision, the company has led Korean defence industry by developing and producing state-of-the-art weapon systems in various areas and has contributed greatly in Korea having self-reliant defence capability.
Placing customer satisfaction at the top of the agenda, LIG Nex1 will strive to deliver greatest value to all stakeholders and society. 
The company will also put their utmost effort in becoming global leader in future.

EDISOFT is a joint venture between Thales, NAV Portugal and the Portuguese MoD Defence holding, Empordef which promotes and delivers innovative security critical systems, for land, sea, air, space and cyberspace. 
Having its HQ located in Lisbon and operating a spatial Ground Station in Santa Maria Island, Azores, EDISOFT is focused on providing its customers permanent access to the most advanced solutions for the Aeronautics, Space, Security and Defence domains.. 
From the delivery of Naval and Maritime Security world class systems to the development & integration of leading Air Traffic Management systems and highly critical Space software, EDISOFT brings its unique knowledge and competences on the development of customized solutions to support and cybersecure some of the most demanding customers worldwide. 

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