Saudi 88th Anniversary of its Unification of the Kingdom
Saudi 88th Anniversary of its Unification of the Kingdom
  • Staff reporter Yang Dong-cheol
  • 승인 2018.09.21 13:56
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Saudi Arabia reception presents a good occasion to glimpse into the culture of the Middle East countries, alongwith Oman, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Jordan etc., to name just a few.

In that regard, this year's Saudi Arabia National Day official diplomatic reception was no exception in that invited guests were able to taste Saudi's traditional cottage within the reception venue, peculiar costumes etc. which can be called as representative traits of Saudi culture & as common bond of the Middle East countries.

So the attendance of the envoys from the Middle East nations such as Oman Amb. Mohamed Salim Alharthy, Kuwait Amb. Bader Mohammad Al-Awadi, Jordan Amb. Adel Mohammad Adaileh, and Lebanon envoy Antoine AZZAM was extremely natural to share their common culture atmosphere.

Saudi Amb. Almubaraky surrounded by envoys from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps.
Saudi Amb. Almubaraky(center) surrounded by envoys from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. clapps with other VIPs on the podium including politics figure such as Represenative Sohn Hak-kyu from Barenmirae Party(left) and S-Oil president Mr. Othman Al Ghandi ( far right, second row).

In consideration of the fact that the Middle East countries for medical market have many potentials for Korea to explore medical export and to exchange medical service for their patients, Minister Park Neunghoo from the Ministry of Health & Welfare was invited as a guest honor for his congratulatory remarks on behalf of the Korean Government in addition to Representative Sohn Hak-kyu from the Barunmirae Party etc. from political circles.

Touching upon the fact that to attract more many Saudi Arabia patients to Korea is one of some key top priorities for his Ministry, Park said he sincerely hopes more many Saudi patients will be able to experience world's top-class medical service from the Republic of Korea, adding Saudi medical training program in Korea also is an another important project for the Ministry to seek mutual cooperation between the two nations in terms of medical collaboration.

What was noteworthy from the speech by H.E. Riyad A.H. Almubaraky held in a diplomatic luncheon reception on Sep. 20th noon in a downtown hotel Seoul, is: «In recognition of the leadership's keenness to invest all national resources to serve the country and its citizens, the Kingdom's "Vision 2030" was announced, with its national contents, development and future plans, to diversify sources of income, increase efficiency of government performance, and to modernize regulations and administrative structure. Marking the beginning of a new phase of development and the hard work for better future, “Vision 2030” aims to keep up with developed countries, to achieve a comprehensive development, to employ the Kingdom's potentials and its energy, by taking advantage of the Kingdom's strategic location, while adhering to the genuine faith of Islam and preserving the genuineness of our society and its principles.»

Concering its place in the Middle East & beyond it, Almubaraky pointed out

Through his contribution article to the NDNnews( & Seoulcity magazine: «The Kingdom plays a key role in maintaining security and stability in the region, and it enjoys a regional, Arab, Islamic and international status, while playing an active and influential role in international decision-making, and its continuous pursuit for international peace and security.

Moreover, the Kingdom is one of the largest countries supporting the humanitarian and relief work in the world, aware of the importance of alleviating human suffering and ensuring a decent life for those who are vulnerable and needy. The foreign aid provided by the Kingdom during the last two decades amounted to more than 84.7 billion US dollars.

Taking this opportunity, Amb. Almubaraky said: «I would like to praise the strategic, friendship, and cooperative relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Korea, which dates back to 1962. Through a long history, the two countries have witnessed a qualitative leap and great development in many fields, including politics, military, economy, education, culture, and health.

These achievements were consistent with the policies and principles set out in the agreements and memoranda of understanding signed between the two friendly countries.

The Saudi-Korean bilateral relations are a model of relations among nations, where they have often coincided with common positions on various international events, bilateral coordination, mutual understanding and mutual support in international bodies and organizations.»

Staff reporter Yang Dong-cheol

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