Zambia Day
Zambia Day
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
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Ahead its Zambia National Day which falls on Oct. 24 every year, The Embassy of Zambia Seoul hosted Zambia Day at the Africa Museum locaed in Youngwol, Kangwon Province on Sep. 21st(Sat.) recently, according to the Embassy.

From Diplomatic Corps., Angola Amb. Edgar Martins, Ghana Amb. Difie Agyarko KUSI, Cote d’Ivoire Amb. Sylvestre Kouassi BILE, Senegal Amb. Mamadou Gueye Faye, Honduras Amb. Virgilio Paredes Trapero, Dominican Amb. Enrique Humberto Salazar, Romania Amb. Mihai Ciompec etc. joined with their spouses for some envoys. To help understanding of Korean public about Africa continent, African Art Museum of Youngwol has been hosting one country’s culture day every year in partnership with corresponding Embassies in Seoul.

African envoys attending Zambia Day held at Youngwol African Museum recently.
African envoys attending Zambia Day held at Youngwol African Museum recently.

Given the huge potential existing in both South Korea and Zambia, there was an unacceptably low level of trade and economic cooperation between the two nations, Simuusa pointed out through his contribution to local English newspaper. He attributed this to the low levels of awareness in Korea about Africa in general and about Zambia, adding the same goes in Zambia about Korea.
In that regard, Zambia is an attractive investment destination offering various lucrative investment opportunities in tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, energy and mining, the Amb. said. Regarding its investment climate, Simuusa introduced that it is characterized by a stable macroeconomic environment, stable political system, investment guarantees and security, duty free access to regional markets, wider African and U.S. markets and unrestricted repatriation of after-tax profits. The government offers a well-balanced package of fiscal incentives in priority areas as well as additional negotiated benefits to strategic investments, he added.
Moreover long celebrated for its peaceful history, rich and fertile land and the incredible natural wonders of Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River, it is perhaps the sheer wealth of activities now available to tourists that has seen Zambia rise up on the tourist rankings in a fairly long heritage and well-established reputation as one of Africa’s top safari destinations, and with such lush and sparsely-populated rural landscapes and so many different parks and safari activities to enjoy, it’s not hard to see why, according to Simmusa.
From the standpoint of the NDNnews( & Korea Culture Ambassador Friendship Association, an affiliate organization of the NDNnews as well, Zambia envoy Simmusa & his Mme. have been regular members for the NDNnews trip invitation programs including last Spring’s Daejeon Seo-District Wellbeing Festival and last year’s Yeoncheon DMZ trip, to name just a few including this year’s Best Amb. Award recipient.

The following is a plague content bestowed upon Zambia Amb. Simuusa this Spring at the National Assembly. -Ed.

2019 Best Amb. Award

H.E. Wylbur Chisiya SIMUUSA,
Zambia Amb. to the Republic of Korea

In terms of Korea’s diplomacy diversification policy which wants to expand its diplomacy horizon to Africa and to strengthen mutual Korea-Africa partnership even more, Your Excellency has been an exemplary envoy among the African Diplomatic Corps. who seeks cooperation ways regarding Saemaeul Movement int’l development, economic cooperation and parliamentary cooperation between the two countries, to name just a few areas.
Moreover to raise the low levels of awareness in Korea about Africa in general and about Zambia in particular, Your Excellency has been considerably diligent in participating in many cultural &tourism events, economic/business seminars and exhibitions, courtesy calls on key offices/organizations and visits to companies in earnest from last year when was celebrated under the theme, “Celebrating a Shared Future of Unity, Development &Prosperity” by the Embassy of Zambia.
In recognition of Your Excellency's such excellent diplomatic activities &dedication as Zambia top envoy in terms of being in the van of strengthening bilateral exchange cooperations as well as boosting Africa‘s image among Korean people beyond just Zambia‘s country image, The NDNnews & SeoulCity magazine bestow 2019 Best Amb. Award upon Your Excellency.

Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul

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