"Chun-il-hong Festival" in Yang Ju
"Chun-il-hong Festival" in Yang Ju
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Celebrating the season with flowers and lights

With the Typhoon Lingling all past us, the weather is cooling down and autumn is on the way in Korea and that means it's time to come in and join the festivities in town. 


City of Yangju in the northern part of Gyeongi-Do is holding its annual "Chun-il-hong Festival" which takes place in Nari Park in Goeup. Chun-il-hong is also known as globe amaranth in English  and it blooms in August to October. The festival has started on the 1st of this month and it will continue on until 30th of October for 60 days. The park is open from 6AM to 7PM to all visitors and from September 9th to 22nd, it will stay open until 10 PM with extra lighting to promote the feast of light and flowers. 


On top of that, there will be multiple events each day in the 3rd weekend from 20th to 22nd. The main intersection in the downtown of Goeup will be closed for events such as concert, talent show and for many booths that will operate the entire weekend. Goeup is also a popular area to grab a bite and majority of the restaurants will have discount. 


With the help of people posting their experience on SNS, Chun-il-hong continues to gain popularity and lots of attention from cities nearby. 



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