Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia
Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia
  • Staff reporter Hur Young-joon
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-30th anniversary of Korea-ASEAN & the 60th diplomatic relations next year will act as another momentum to boost bilateral ties: Malaysia Amb. Mohd Ashri Muda

President Moon Jae-in’s new Southern Policy and Malaysia’s Eastern Policy which attaches its importance to cooperating Northeast Asian region including Korea are finding many points of contact.

Malaysia Embassy’s National Day celebration to mark its 62nd Merdeka Day as well as to celebrate its 86th Armed Forces Day were a venue to confirm such many similarities between the two counterparts as new Malaysia envoy Mohd Ashri Muda addressed them on the podium.

Moreover, Malaysia has been promoting its country ‘Visit Truly Asia Malaysia Visit Campaign’ since July, this year with a view to attracting more many travellers all over the world, taking advantage of its National Day for such a promotion on the other hand.

Malaysia new-accredited envoy Muda (center) marking his country's 62 Merdeka National Day as well 86th Malaysia Armed Forces Day with the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. on the podium.
Malaysia new-accredited envoy Muda (center) marking his country's 62 Merdeka National Day as well 86th Malaysia Armed Forces Day with the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. on the podium.

Touching upon the fact that next year will be a commemorative year to mark 60th diplomatic anniversary between the two nations, Muda expected that with the upcoming 30th anniversary of Korea-ASEAN to be held in Busan, Korea on Nov. this year as well as the 60th diplomatic relations next year as another momentum, bilateral relations and friendship would be deepened even more.

Through his Message on His State Visit to Malaysia on March, this year, President Moon Jae-in stated: “Next year will mark 60 years of diplomatic relations between Korea and Malaysia. We are very old friends who have endeavored to emulate each other. I have been invited to Malaysia as the first state guest of His Majesty Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah who was enthroned this January and, at the same time, the first state guest since the launch of Malaysia’s new Administration. It has truly been an honor. This is the result of the friendship that has been forged between the people of our two countries.”

According to the Bluse House, Korea’s trade with Malaysia last year alone amounted to nearly US$20 billion. The people of Malaysia are enthusiastic about the Korean Wave, and the Petronas Twin Towers, a symbol of the capital Kuala Lumpur, are still steeped in the legendary stories of Korean construction companies. The global halal market – created as a way to preserve Islamic culture – is now valued at US$2 trillion.

”We have signed an MOU with Malaysia, which runs an organization in charge of halal certification, to jointly enter this mega market. Yet another significant achievement this time was an agreement to push for a Korea-Malaysia FTA. The smart city project in Kota Kinabalu will be an opportunity for our two countries to take the lead in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in addition to enhancing bilateral cooperation”, according to Moon.
Malaysia is considered one of the best countries for getting a sense of Asia. Mosques and Taoist temples exist in harmony, and the colors, tastes, sounds and scents of Asia are gathered together. Kuala Lumpur, a green city, is also impressive.

Malaysia’s Armed Forces which was founded in the 1930s, had been a guardian of its motherland, dedicating to peace maintenance affairs in the Republic of Liberia, the Peoples Republic of Mozambique, UN Lebanon Tentative Forces etc., to name just a few as well, according to Malaysia envoy.

Staff reporter Hur Young-joon  bodo@ndnnews.co.kr

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