25th Anniversary of the Liberation Day of the Republic of Rwanda
25th Anniversary of the Liberation Day of the Republic of Rwanda
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
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-Held under the theme “Together We Prosper"

Held under the theme “Together We Prosper,” this year’s celebration to mark the 25th Anniversaryy of the Liberation Day of the Republic of Rwanda held at Amahoro National Stadium, Rwanda was an opportunity to recommit to Rwanda’s vision for a peaceful, united, prosperous and self-reliant nation, according to international observers

In its Seoul Embassy reception as well held in a downtown hotel Seoul on July 4th evening, Rwanda Amb. Emma-Francoise Isumbingabo delivered her country’s vision, saying her country aims to achieve middle-income country by 2035 as well as high-income country by 2050.

Peoples tend to think Rwanda first of all as its image of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. Actually, this year marks the 25th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, according to the Embassy of Rwanda Seoul.

Rwanda envoy Isumbingabo (center)
Rwanda envoy Isumbingabo (center, yellow gown) marking her country's 25th Liberation Day with the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. on the podium.

So this year’s special reception Rwanda Embassy hosted rarely served as an important occasion too to commemorate Kwibuka 25 which is a time to Remember by honoring the memory of the over one million victims, Unite through the strength and dignity of its nation, and Renew its determination to build a prosperous future for generations to come.

In conjunction with such her conspicuous efforts during last 5 years, H.E Emma-Françoise ISUMBINGABO, Rwanda Amb. to the Republic of Korea received this year’s 2019 Best Amb. Award from the NDNnews(www.ndnnews.co.kr) & Korea Culture Amb. Friendship Association on last May 28th at the National Assembly.

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Through a series of Rwanda's kwibuka commemorative events which focus tackling on the issue of Genocide, Your Excellency has shown Koreans including Diplomatic Corps. that Rwanda has been committed to building a peaceful & prosperous future including Rwanda's recovery power during last 25 years since the Rwanda Genocide in 1994.
Moreover as Chairwoman competency of Francophonie in Korea, Your Excellency has been elevating diversity of language, providing a momentum to strengthen democracy & human rights in the Republic of Korea between Korea and French-speaking countries.
In recognition of Your Excellency's such excellent diplomatic activities as Rwanda top envoy in terms of being in the van of strengthening bilateral exchange cooperations as well as boosting the entire Africa‘s image among Korean people beyond just Rwanda in addition to Your Excellency's dedication & efforts during almost 5 years to improve Rwanda's image, fondly known as the Land of a Thousand Hills, The NDNnews & SeoulCity magazine bestow 2019 Best Amb. Award upon Your Excellency.

The aim
The aim liberation struggle was to build a Rwanda with equal rights for all – Rwanda President Kagame said at Kwibohora25

Touching upon Rwanda’s globally improved standing internationlly after last 25 years, Isumbingabo said Rwanda emerged as an esteemed recognized nation from a nearly forgotten country owing to such aftermaths of the 1994 Genocide.

On the economic front, Rwanda has also implemented a number of policies to shape its economic transformation agenda and these policies continue to evolve depending on changing needs of the economy. Rwanda’s vision is to build a knowledge-based economy and to become a private sector led middle income country by 2020. Rwanda’s ambitious program for development is encapsulated in Vision 2020 and implemented through a series of 5 years’ strategies called “The Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS)” that were started from the year 2000 as mid-term framework to implement the Government’s long-term development agenda. The EDPRS was based on three pillars designed to accelerate economic growth and promote human development, investing in improving the climate for business investment, thereby achieving private-sector growth, according the Amb. After the implementation of two, five-year Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies—EDPRS (2008-12) and EDPRS-2 (2013-18), under which Rwanda experienced robust economic and social performances, the growth averaged 7.5% while per capita growth domestic product (GDP) grew at 4.7% annually.

On the other hand, the aim of liberation struggle was to build a Rwanda with equal rights for all – Rwanda President Kagame said at Kwibohora25 where over 25 thousand Rwandans and friends of Rwanda gathered at Amahoro National Stadium at a colourful ceremony to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Rwanda’s liberation, marking the day the Rwandan Patriotic Army stopped the Genocide against the Tutsi.

President Kagame further emphasised that the oppression against part of Rwandans made the liberation fight unavoidable but Rwandans have left the history behind and will not loose way again.

Rwanda community congratulating their Liberation Day with dances on the podium.

“Had we ever truly been united, at any point in our history? And yet our culture provides us with the tools for a successful society. Liberation was not about restoring the past, but creating something fundamentally new and better, for all Rwandans. This fight was necessary and indeed unavoidable. We left the past behind us and embraced the future by coming together as a family. We must remain solid in defence of these values through each and every generation. We will not lose our way again.” President Kagame said.

In terms of development cooperations, Rwanda has been growing as the core partner country for Korea in African continent while on one hand, Rwanda has been developing as a leading nation in the fields of ICT & innovation, according to Public Diplomacy Amb. Chang Jae-bok from MOFAT. Moreover, Deputy Speaker Lee Ju-young from the National Assembly said the National Assembly will not spare any efforts for the sake of the coexistence cooperations between the two countries by his welcome remarks.

Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul  bodo@ndnnews.co.kr

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