The 9th Soiree de Hapdong(Night of Hapdong)-
The 9th Soiree de Hapdong(Night of Hapdong)-
  • Staff reporter Tae Won-chan
  • 승인 2019.06.20 22:14
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-Translator, messenger of culture

As part of the Seoul Intl Book Fair 2019, the 9th Soiree de Hapdong(Night of Hapdong) dealt with "Translator, messenger of culture" at the French Amb's residence, Seoul on June 19th evening.

Through his welcome remarks, French Amb. Fabien Penone said: "Soiree de Hapdong will serve as a momentum for the gateway of culture & communication between the two different culture circles, namely Korea & France".

Mr. Benjamin Joinau(center), director of 'Atelier des Cahiers who serves as a moderator for the 9th Soiree of Hapdong.
Mr. Benjamin Joinau(center), director of 'Atelier des Cahiers who serves as a moderator for the 9th Soiree of Hapdong.

As panelists for the 9th Soiree de Hapdong, two ladies translators Mme. Choe Yun who served as Sogang University Prof. in its French Literature department and Mme. Choi Yun-jung were invited to share their philosophy of translation, experiences, and translation's knowhow etc. with the public, to name just a few. A total of 100 guests gathered it to hear their presentations about translator's role to communicate the two different cultures including authors, diplomats, journalists etc.

First off, Mme. Choe Yun introduced that her standard for translating is to translate literature works which have persuasiveness in his life, naming 'Square by Choi In-hoon' and literature works by Lee Chung-jun & Cho Se-hee.

Mme. Choe Yun-jung described that translation is a work which needs human energy, adding she chose French literature to seek a kind of freedom, beautifulness and to dig out more a little psychologically.

For reference, on June 21, 'Meeting with author-discussion: artificial intelligence-Science & Fiction', on June 22(Sat.) French story telling, on June 23(Sun.) 'Lecture-discussion: Simone Veil's battle, toward human liberation!' etc. will be presented at the French booth, Seoul Intl Book Fair 2019.

As programs besides French's participation at the 2019 Seoul Book Fair, on June 21, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia's lecture about artificial intelligence & post-humanism, on June 24, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia's lectures of another themes will be followed.

With French's participation at the Seoul Intl Book Fair 2019 as a new momentum, French Cultural Institute Seoul also wants to accelerate for its activities which prepare a ground for dialogue between Korea & France, not only human society science & culture, but also through a discussion of subjects which are issues of Korean society as well, accroding to its Institute.

Staff reporter Tae Won-chan

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