The sexy girl group Laysha will perform at the Music Pool Festival
The sexy girl group Laysha will perform at the Music Pool Festival
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Laysha, a sexy girl group with 10 million followers, invites Chinese and Southeast Asian tourists to a pool party held at Lotte L7 Hotel in Hongdae in Seoul.

Sexy Girl Group Laysha will perform at full festival on Saturday, August 10, 2019.

Laysha captivated many fans with more than 10 million hits on YouTube and was recognized by users as a goddess.

Currently, it is ranked as one of the top ranking of various events.

Especially, sexy stage costumes and performances are very popular as a stage to breathe with the audience.

In addition, it has become a hot topic every day as it goes up to the top in various sound source charts.

Lotte L7 Hotel Pool Party will be held on the top floor of the luxurious Lotte Hotel and will fill the rich stage with Korea's top DJ, entertainer and performance team.

It will showcase the world's first full-party performance with the contents of one GSTAR (GOX).

Tickets can be purchased at the Coupang and Music Pool Festival's official website.

Free drinks tickets, swimming pools, locker rooms, and towels will be provided free of charge to participating customers.

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