GSTAR(GOX), Apply to Music Pool Party
GSTAR(GOX), Apply to Music Pool Party
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GSTAR(GOX) will host a Music festival Pool Party based on Blockchain on Saturday, August 10th and 17th, 2019.

The pool party is performed by professional DJs and famous singers.

The venue is located at the L7 Hotel Sky Lounge pool in front of the Hongik university.

It is a Pool Party for young people from China, Korea and Japan.

GSTAR(GOX) also uses Blockchain-based games in this pool party.

Pool Party Participants play GOX games and win prizes.

Using Blockchain in Pool Party is a rare case in the world.

GSTAR(GOX) makes it important to apply Blockchain to the real world in a fun and enjoyable way.

It is realistic to apply the 4th industrial technology easily and happily to the users in reality.

GSTAR(GOX) pursues a user-oriented business that is not centered on existing technicians.

While many global companies are promoting technology excellence, GSTAR(GOX) focuses on applying to reality.

The question of who is causing the wind in the fourth industry depends on how well it applies to reality.

In other words, it should be a market center rather than a technology center and be user-centered.

The reason GSTAR (GOX) is so special is that it pursues this user-oriented business.

More information about GSTAR (GOX) can be found on the Internet at

GSTAR(GOX) Video promotion :

GSTAR(GOX) based on Blockchain will be highlighted this summer and there will be some good rumors. It is a venture company that we might be interested in.

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