GSTAR Mobile Blockchain technology, IEO proceeding on European exchange
GSTAR Mobile Blockchain technology, IEO proceeding on European exchange
  • Reporter Steven Jang
  • 승인 2018.10.29 09:43
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GSTAR Mobile Blockchain technology will be publicly listed after launching the IEO on the European exchange Latoken (

GSTAR Mobile Blockchain technology first will be used on games and entertainment.

GSTAR has already developed more than 10 games and plans to apply Blockchain technology to the game immediately after the exchange is listed next year.

GSTAR will be listed on the European exchange Latoken from November 12 to December 14 after going through the IEO.

There are so many ICOs around the world that it is difficult to know which blockchain technology is promising.

In recent years, the Exchange has directly tested and publicized the Blockchain technologies that will be listed on the exchange, and make funds from the global public.

This allows some degree of validation of the Blockchain technology and confidence in the ICO.

This is referred to as IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), which is currently being carried out by several exchanges around the world.

Due to the high demand for IEO, there is a severe competition. It is believed to be that reliable.

GSTAR Blockchain technology is being developed by KAN GLOBAL in Japan, and Korea and other countries are collaborating on the project to supply it to the whole world.

They are preparing to start a game that anyone can play regardless of age, and it is expected that from next year, Blockchain technology will actually be applied to reality.

Because the philosophy of Blockchain technology is based on a shared economy, it is meaningful that companies from many countries work together.

GSTAR says that it is joining and joining several countries to realize this shared economy.

We are about to experience Blockchain technology in everyday life as a smartphone. Let's look forward to the 4th Blockchain Revolution in Asia.


Reporter Steven Jang

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